Yoga Challenge Week 1: Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Got to love the feeling of a Friday afternoon!:-)

You may remember that I am taking on a June Yoga Challenge proposed by Courtney!

Just to re-cap, the J.Y.C is an opportunity to encourage everyone to incorporate more yoga into their regular workout routines! Every Friday I will do a quick recap of my yoga-ing and hopefully my progress. For more information, or to join the Challenge, visit Courtney’s website.

I have been really wanting to get into yoga for some time now and with the recent recommendations from my doctor I have set my own goals for getting a little more yoga and relaxation into my life. I have also Here are my goals:

June’s Yoga Challenge Goals:

  • Take at least one yoga class at the gym
  • Incorporate yoga into my workout routine twice a week.

Yesterday before the Red Sox game, I cleared my mind, and had my first June yoga experience. Before I get into it, I want to start with my  two major issues with yoga.

#1:  I never feel like I am doing it right! It’s all about breathing and posture and I am always afraid I’m not sitting the right way.

#2: Another problem I have is that I am a very visual learner. I need to SEE what I am supposed to do before I can do it so the whole time I am yoga-ing I have to break my pose to look at the tv to see what to do next.

The second  issue I am hoping will disappear as my confidence builds and I stick to certain routines.

I took many of my fellow Yoga Challenger’s advice and went with my girl Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown. Ugh I love Jillian. I could not find her video on demand anymore but that is why the geek gods invented youtube.


What I love about Jillian:

  • She yells. There is no soft spoken directions. She tells it like it is.
  • She explains HOW you should feel which helps me keep the proper poses.
  • There is some cardio mixed in. The boredness factor is NOT an issue.
  • There are detailed directions about where your body should be in relation to itself.
  • Its a strict routine so there are a lot of repeated moves which means less breaking poses to watch the tv 🙂

During the video I was thinking about the poses and routines that will work nicely into my current floor workout at the gym.

This morning when I woke up my body was PISSED! I am very sore in random places, but it feels good!  Today after work I headed to the gym more to clear my head than anything. I did this workout:

With the free weights, I did a few chaturanga push ups (yea I speak the yoga lingo now)


and some camel heel touches.


My thoughts after week 1:

**One thing that Jillian says in her video that really resonated with me is that you need to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” This speaks volumes about how I live my life in general. I am the queen of the comfort zone and it’s a habit I am trying to break.

**I decided I am going to invest in a yoga mat. I make healthy eating and working out a HOBBY. I have to buy into the whole package before I can commit and stick with something. I have issues I know.

** I am adding a new goal for myself. 

June’s Yoga Challenge Goals:

  • Take at least one yoga class at the gym
  • Incorporate yoga into my workout routine twice a week.
  • **My new goal is to gain more control over my breathing.

Something I battle with due to my asthma is control over my own breathing. It has taken me 2 years to finally run a consecutive mile due to these restraints and I am sick of it holding me back. I am hoping that by focusing on how I move and breath consecutively through yoga will help me become a better athlete.



Are you taking the Yoga Challenge?

Is yoga a part of your workout routine?


6 thoughts on “Yoga Challenge Week 1: Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

  1. I had trouble with trying to watch the TV and do the poses at the same time too! It also didn’t help that everytime I looked up Morgan thought I was ready to play. In one of my chaturanga poses she actually just stood on my back….yup, all four paws, and rode me down. lol

    • HAHAHAHA too funny!
      Yea I def think I need to take a yoga class asap. I would hate to find out in a few weeks that I have been doing it wrong the whole time. I want to make sure I get the most out of it!

    • umm 30 day shred is seriously one of the hadrest things i’ve EVER done in my life! I haven’t tried that video you did, but maybe I’ll have to check it out if I’m feeling like getting my butt kicked. are you obsessed with hot yoga yet? I went for 3 months straight last fall and I LOVE IT!! It’s a little pricey, so I can’t really go anymore, but it’s amazing!

  2. I definitely struggle with the breathing too! It’s not easy…
    And that’s too funny you said that quote about Jillian – whenever she says that in the video, I always find myself saying it with her now, since I know it’s coming 😉

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