Free Fun in the Sun

Everyone enjoying their Sunday? It’s so nice out today and I didn’t want to waste a moment of it. I started off with a to do list and fully accomplished all of today’s goals:

#1 On the list is probably the most important! Tonight is the season 5 premiere of True Blood!

It is our favorite show and we have been waiting since September for it to come back! Kara and I even dressed up as our favorite characters for Halloween 🙂

I was so pumped when I went to add HBO to our Verizon subscription and saw that today they are doing a 50% off promo! Right now it’s only $8 a month to add HBO for a year! Typically it’s $16 a month which is why we only activate it during True Blood season. I love when things like this happens!

#2 #3 and #4 were simple phone calls and errands.

#5 Feed the pigs

By the pigs of course I mean our 3 piggy banks!

One “eats” quarters (laundry pig), one “eats” loose change, and the one in the middle is “Wedding Pig” which “eats” anything paper! So far Wedding Pig has collected almost $700! It’s amazing how quickly a $1 here and there can add up!

#6 Find Free Fun It has been a while since I have had any free fun and the nice weather opens many possibilities. After talking to Nolan this morning we decided to take advantage of the sun this afternoon. We packed up some food and headed to The Grist Mill for a picnic lunch!

Isn’t it beautiful?!

This Mill is located right across the street from our Chapel and it will be the site of our wedding photographs 🙂

On today’s menu:

Sandwiches! Can you guess which one is for which?

Buffalo chicken and cheese with hot sauce and ranch for Nolan, and ham and cheese for me 🙂

Leftover pasta salad from… I’m afraid to look back and see how long ago but it still tasted good!

and summer succotash! Recipe to come soon!

We had some company on our little lunch date.


We sat, we ate, and Nolan even sat still long enough to take some pics.

Tonight we are playing host for a make your own pizza dinner and True Blood marathon night!!

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!


What is your favorite tv show?

Do you have a favorite picnic recipe?


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