No More Pencils No More Books…

Today is my first official day of summer vacation!!! I cannot wait to get started on my bucket list.

Yesterday was only a half day but I think it was the absolute longest day of my public school career. However I did get some great presents that will help with my mission to live the free-est summer possible!

I foresee many ice coffees in my future! I also got a card to T.G.I. Fridays! Food always tastes better when it’s free 🙂

I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

As soon as I got home from cleaning the classroom I cracked open one of these…

…and relaxed on the balcony. I LOVE Shock Top and I was so excited when I saw this Seasonal brew on the shelf. It’s not overly lemony but it has a nice citrus taste, perfect for summer. My crazy night then continued on with some Chinese food take-out and me falling asleep on the couch around 8:30.

To answer some of your questions, no I will not be working full time this summer, however I do have 4 odd jobs what I will sporadically work at over the next few months. Also, Nolan is paying my part time to be a house wife! This roughly translates to him chipping in a little more rent $$, and me doing most of the dishes, laundry, and overall cleaning.

I plan on spending my day relaxing, and switching my brain over to summer mode.

Go enjoy the sun!


If you had a summer bucket list, what are 2 things that would make the top 10?


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