Summer Vacation: Day 1

So far this has been the best first day of vacation ever.

8:30 AM – Gym

I completed this workout:

I still really love these Bosu ball pushups!


I added a little yoga to the end of my workout…

…complete with my favorite pose

warrior 2 – (I couldn’t take the picture and stretch my arms out at the same time. You get the idea)

9:00 – Produce shopping:

This little produce place is right by my gym. I used to shop here all the time but I hadn’t been in a while. Our vegetable drawer was pretty much empty so I decided it was time to revisit the store. Their prices are very good and they always have a nice selection.

I went a little crazy (never go food shopping on an empty stomach) but luckily their prices were unbelievable today! I had a little fun with my food when I got home…


RED: Peppers, strawberries, tomatoes

ORANGE: Peppers, nectarines

YELLOW: Bananas, peppers, spaghetti squash

GREEN: Cucumbers

BLUE: Blueberries

PURPLE: Blackberries

SOOOOO delicious. Would you believe that all this produce, plus a container of hummus and 6 Chobani yogurts came to $23.50?!?!? Such a good deal. The peppers- all colors- were $1.30 a pound! Sorry I get really excited about cheap produce.

When I was leaving, I noticed something very dangerous going on next door…

WHAT?! A new frozen yogurt place? According to their facebook page they are a SELF SERVE frozen yogurt place with 45 rotating flavors and 60 toppings to choose from….. I.AM.IN.TROUBLE. I am also slightly conflicted because this place is only 2 plazas over from Mad Willies.

On my way home I also made a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts to use my gift cards!

I was intrigued by their Mocha cups. These cards could not have come at a better time. I just used the last of our k cups yesterday 🙂 Got to love free coffee!!

10:00 Breakfast:

Egg scramble with yellow peppers, Laughing Cow Light Swiss, tomatoes, and basil.


I am a lucky girl. I am marrying into a family that has a pool 🙂 I spent a few hours relaxing by the pool and chatting with Nolan’s mom and sister Ashley. I even got “some” color….

hahahaha Lobster Katy is back!


Lunch at Wasabi! Wasabi is a Japanese/sushi restaurant in the Natick Mall that Nolan and I have been dying to try! The food comes around on a conveyer belt on colored plates. Each color represents a different price, which ranges from $2.50- $5.00. I will give a full review tomorrow, but here is a little snapshot!

We also got some dessert on the way out.  More on that tomorrow as well. 🙂

I am working one of my various odd jobs tonight so it is going to be a long night!


What is your idea of a perfect summer day?


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