Conveyor Belt Sushi

Good morning all and happy Father’s Day! As promised, here is a review of yesterday’s lunch and dessert 🙂

Earlier this week our friend Matt asked us to do lunch this weekend. Matt is a fellow food lover, but our greatest common interest is sushi! You may remember our trip to Shanghai-Tokyo back in April. Right away Nolan and I knew where we wanted to go

Wasabi is a Japanese sushi restaurant in the Natick Mall which serves its food on conveyor belts! The customers sit in booths or tables around the belt as different plates of Japanese cuisine pass by. The food is served on 4 different color plates which dictate the price of each dish. At the end of the meal, a waitress counts up your plates to calculate the bill.


Yellow- $2.50

Orange- $3.00

Red- $3.50

Blue- $4.00

Purple- $5.00

It was such a fun experience! The sushi is very reasonably priced, but they make their money on pure impulse! With food constantly whizzing by you it’s so difficult to listen to your stomach and not your eyes.

As more and more people arrived at the restaurant it became VERY competitive. There were several rolls that we wanted but others grabbed first. It certainly could have gotten ugly however the waitresses offered to bring us anything we wanted but could not grab in time.

This is what I had in order of how I enjoyed them:

Salmon Avocado and Caviar Maki $4

CRUNCHY SALMON Maki- salmon, cream cheese, masago, spicy mayo $3.50

This was a chef special for the night and honestly,  I have no idea what it was called or what all was in it but it went past us on the conveyer belt 3 times and we finally caved in! We think it is tuna and shrimp with various sauces. (I split this with Matt) $5.00

Philadelphia -smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado & scallion $3.50

Lucky Roll- mango, salmon, with green & red tobiko $5.00

Overall I spent $18.50. To be honest the sushi was really good- not great. The toppings were the real show stoppers. They had a fantastic spicy mayo! However the rice to sushi ratio was a bit uneven. We all agreed it is a great place to go and try new things due to the prices and portions. Nolan and I are already planning our next visit!

Then we started thinking of all the conveyer belt possibilities! Nolan thinks McDonald’s should adapt this food service system. We would like to have seen a Big Mac or fries cruise past us 🙂


Post sushi, we went to Red Mango which is a frozen yogurt place in the mall. I had been there once before and loved it, however it’s in the middle of the mall which is such a pain.

It’s all natural yogurt with fruit toppings! They have several rotating flavors. I tried a few and finally settled on Pomegranate yogurt made from POM. I omitted the toppings because the yogurt had sooo much flavor on its own!

It was sweet, tangy and the perfect end to a wonderful meal and day!

Wasabi: 5/10 on the Sullivan Scale


Frozen yogurt toppings: Fruit or candy??


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