Daddy’s Day

Good morning and happy Monday!

All day yesterday I was too busy spending time with my dad and future family to post anything. I do however want to post a little something about my dad, and how much he means to me. Better late than never 🙂

Of both my parents, I have always been the most like my dad. We are both laid back, and tend to be more passive than aggressive.

Contrary to most father/daughter relationships, we have always understood one another, and rarely ever fought, even through my teen years. Throughout my school career, my dad was the one who got me up every morning, made me breakfast, and walked me to the bus stop. It was a special time that he and I shared and it made our relationship strong and comical.

When my dad was growing up, his family went camping every summer in Cape Cod. This is a tradition which he has continued every summer with my family. Some of my favorite memories of life took place at Nickerson State Park, sitting around a campfire listening to his stories and songs.

One of the greatest things we have in common is our love of food! From an early age my father taught me how to find my way around a kitchen and shared countless recipes and cooking tips. He is the first person I call when I have a cooking question or a great recipe to share. So my brothers and I spent Father’s Day cooking my dad a big breakfast, and then we sat around talking, laughing, and watching Jaws! (I didn’t take any pictures. ) It was simple but the company was great 🙂


After Jaws, I headed over to Nolan’s family cookout. Unfortunately, Nolan’s dad passed away when he was only 13, however the family still gets together to celebrate Nolan’s grandfather (who is almost 91!) and step father. AND every year they get lobsters!

Once again, I was having too much fun to take many pictures, but I did manage to get a picture of my plate!


Lobster, baked beans, salad, and corn on the cob. Delicious!


Happy belated Father’s Day!


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