WIAW: Dessert Before Dinner

Welcome to another What I Ate Wednesday! This week looks remarkably like last week’s menu but what can I say- I’m a creature of habit!

Can I just say that I have been having a hard time snacking sensibly since school ended. Now that I am in summer mode, I have much more free time, and I spend way too much time staring into my refrigerator. One thing that has helped me make some good decisions is pre-cutting vegetables.

Remember my produce rainbow?

Well after I took that picture I immediately cut up the peppers and cucumbers so I had a sensible, quick snack ready at a moment’s notice!


A peach Chobani yogurt with raspberries, blueberries, and Special K Fruit and Yogurt Cereal. (photo from last week)


Since we only had a half hour break for lunch during our professional development, I ran across the street to Gerard Farm. Gerard Farm is a local turkey farm. They were forced to close a few years ago and they just reopened its doors! I had been to Gerard’s for ice cream but never for food.

Inside they have a wide variety of pre-cooked meals and sides. It has a very homey feel. They are famous for their turkey dinners and turkey pot pies! I will definitely have to get one in the near future.

Today I got a chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread with a side of cucumber salad.


A rainbow hummus plate! Very sensible πŸ™‚ Orange and yellow peppers, grape tomatoes, and cucumbers!


Oh yes, today I had dessert before my dinner! Birthday Cake!!!


A repeat from last week….. homemade pizza! In my house, a tradition is that the birthday person gets to pick whatever they want for dinner. (I always pick steak.) Brian wanted pizza, so pizza we had!

Cheese pizza

Pepper, onion, and broccoli pizza. Soo delicious!


A slice of pizza and some yummy salad. I tried a new dressing today and loved it. There is so much flavor!

My choices were not the best today, but a birthday celebration is a time for fun and not counting calories.


Chocolate or vanilla cake?


20 thoughts on “WIAW: Dessert Before Dinner

  1. I always like both! Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream or vice versa…well…red velvet is good too…hmmmm…too hard to choose!! πŸ˜‰ That cake is super cute!

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