Willy Wonka, Eat Your Heart Out!

Before I talk about yesterday’s birthday fun, I wanted to address something new on SLF.

A new menu!

Cheat Sheet is a random collection of things I discuss regularly on my blog but may not always discuss in detail. I often make references to people, places, and jobs without full explanations. My hope it that this will give my readers a quick reference chart to decode my posts! I will be adding info as needed.


Yesterday I officially completed my first Summer Bucket List item!

Every summer Brian and I meet up with my aunt Patty and my two cousins Monica and Kristen for a round of mini-golf! I absolutely love their family! They are so fun and entertaining πŸ™‚ This year we decided to kick off the summer on Brian’s Birthday!

They made sure to get the Birthday Boy all dressed up for the festivities! hahaha

Right away we had a lot of laughs!

And then it happened! Item number 20 on my Bucket List: Get a hole-in-one mini golfing!

For those of you who know me, this is a big deal. I am a terrible mini golfer and I always have been. This was one of the things on my list that I didn’t think I would accomplish right away.

  • Get a hole in one while mini golfing


Then 3 holes later I did it again! I’m so impressive sometimes.

Post golfing, my aunt ran to the car and came back with a cake for the Birthday Boy!

We sat, laughed some more, and ate our cake after belting out “happy birthday!”

On the way home we made a quick stop to the Penny-Candy-Store!

The store is located inside the Sudbury General Store. This is actually in the same plaza as Stephen Anthony’s and the duck pond. Growing up, my grandfather used to take all the grandkids to the candy store. It is a favorite memory of mine. πŸ™‚

Willy Wonka eat your heart out! This place is pure heaven and it smells like a dream.

My mouth was watering with all this chocolate!

My purchases:

A toffee and chocolate covered pretzel….

some dollar penny candy, and my most exciting purchase…

I am so excited to try this! I will keep you posted.


What is your favorite candy?


8 thoughts on “Willy Wonka, Eat Your Heart Out!

  1. Anything chocolate and peanut butter! My all time favorite is a Nutrageous. In college my teammates used it as a bribe when I broke my arm to get me to the hospital since I’m stubborn and refused that anything was wrong. πŸ™‚

    • I was doing the same thing, and I finally just got sick of it! I also tend to write as if people know me personally and remember the back stories, which is sooo not always the case! I am hoping this will save me some time and explanations!

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