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Hello all! How is your week going? It is another unbearably hot day outside!

Now that I am on my “summer schedule” I have been trying to figure out the best way to organize my posts and. I finally settled on a theme. Food, Fun and Fitness. I want to keep everyone posted on our latest recipes, fitness routines, and Free Fun but I don’t want to spend all summer on my computer! Besides my wedding plans, these will be my priority and the main focuses of my posts. Nolan  and I also have something very exciting going on this summer that begins on Friday. It will be a regular edition on Savor Life’s Flavors and very yummy. More to come 🙂


My breakfast this morning was great! I tried out the new grapefruit marmalade I bought at the Country Store! I also had a very ripe nectarine. I forgot all about nectarines! They are one of my all time favorite fruits! And their smell just reminds me of summer.

I am re-posting the picture from yesterday because I had more veggies and hummus for lunch today.



Last week I was reading up on the free events going on in town and I came across a free course at Whole Foods called Healthy From The Inside Out. Apparently Whole Foods offers many free courses to the public each month! This one promised free food so Nolan agreed to go with me! Right away we started off with free samples!

I sat down and poured myself a cup of Coconut Water! I had never had it before and I am still not sure how I feel about it. It smelled much different than it tastes and it threw me off. I think I will have to try it once more before I can make a final decision. We also got this little goody:

I was immediately intrigued!

Manitoba Harvest

Our hemp hearts are a raw, vegan-friendly, whole food that contains no additives or preservatives! Manitoba Harvest only sources seed that has not been genetically modified. These tiny Hemp Hearts™ pack a powerful punch of protein, omegas and fiber. Not only are Hemp Hearts easy to incorporate into any meal, they taste delicious too! Did you know Dr. Oz even refers to Hemp Hearts as ‘Brain Food’?

I am very excited to try these little babies on my yogurt 🙂

The focus for the first half of the session was pesticide and chemical free cleaning products.  The speakers both spoke about how it is just as important to watch what we put on and around our bodies as what we put inside our bodies. We discussed the potentially harmful ingredients in laundry detergent, dish soap, and household cleaners. Whole Foods offers a wide variety of organic and chemical free cleaners that are both safe for the environment and our bodies.

The second half was the fun part, the food. We were given three different items to try.

1- Cucumber with a cashew horseradish cream

2- Olive tapenade

3-  Cacao goji superfood bites. The cashew horseradish cream was my favorite! I had at least 5 of them haha. Nolan’s favorite was the tapenade. While we sampled, we discussed the importance of clean eating. Everything we tried was made of whole grain, natural ingredients.

*Fun fact: Did you know that apples are exposed to as many as 25 pesticides?! Apple trees are very fragile and require a lot of protection. This was the one item they recommended buying organic if possible.


None.  Remember that professional development meeting I attended Tuesday? Well apparently it is a 3 day event! Who knew? (Well if I read the initial email I received more carefully I would have.) So yesterday was session number 2 and today was the final day. The best part is I got paid for 3 days of work! $$$$

Since I didn’t originally know I had this meeting yesterday, I sort of over booked myself. I went from job #1 to #2 to #3. It was a very long day with no time to workout.  I feel very lazy.


Do your blog posts change in the summer? (length, frequency, topics….)

How do you feel about chemicals in cleaning products?


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