Goji Berry Power

Happy Friday! :-)Before I get to yesterday’s FOOD, FUN and FITNESS, I wanted to share something exciting! Jack’s Abby is a local brewery here in Framingham. Nolan and I are big fans of their beer, and we have made several recipes featuring their beer.

Beer Sausage

Peanut Butter Beer Bread

After our first recipe was posted, I was contacted by Jack’s Abby asking if they could feature our sausage recipe on their website! We were ecstatic and of course said yes. They contacted me again last night to let me know the post is up!

For the full post, click here.

Alright. Here are some FOOD, FUN, and FITNESS highlights from yesterday.


I had to get gas before my professional development meeting yesterday so I grabbed a coffee while I was in there. Since I am supposed to be cutting back on the caffeine, so I grabbed a SMALL coffee, and a large caffeine free raspberry iced tea. Baby steps people!

I had never had a tea from Dunkin Donuts before but it was pretty good and very refreshing! Especially on another 100+ degree day. I have zero tolerance for the heat. It’s bad.

For dinner I had some leftover pasta from….not sure when, with some steamed orange and yellow peppers and fresh basil from the garden.


When we attended the free healthy living class at Whole Foods on Wednesday we entered a free raffle and guess what? Nolan was the lucky winner! His prize?

This is one of the foods we sampled that are all natural, vegan and gluten free. I visited Navitas Natural‘s website for some more info:

Cacao (kə-kau, ka-kow):

the dried seeds of a South American evergreen tree (Theobroma cacao of the family Sterculiaceae), which are most commonly used in making cocoa, chocolate, and cocoa butter. Also called cacao bean, and cocoa bean.

The Power of Goji

Arguably among the most potent superfoods known, the goji berry offers an exceptional balance of daily macronutrients: containing carbohydrates, high-quality protein, healthy fat, and soluble fiber. The goji’s solid plant-based protein is packed with 18 amino acids — including all 8 essential amino acids – which is 10% of the fruits composition. Also full of free-radical-devouring antioxidants, goji berries have been historically used to support the immune system and longevity.

The nutritional info isn’t too impressive. I was surprised by the % of fat!

I do like that I can read all the ingredients!


Well it was another busy day at the gym!

Can you spot me creeping on the treadmill?

I had never used the hand bike before, but any exercise you can do sitting down is a winner for me!

I have a question for you. I gravitate to the same machines every time I go to the gym. I always use the same treadmill, the same elliptical, and the same exercise bike. I know I am a creature of habit, but is that weird? Anyone out there do the same thing?

Have a great day everyone!


4 thoughts on “Goji Berry Power

  1. I am definitely a creature of habit… I alwayssss use the treadmill. I’m not really a fan of the bike and I use the elliptical every one in a while. Unfortunately Planet Fitness doesn’t have that much variety so I have to use what I’m given!

  2. I LOVE fresh basil over pasta in the summer. A little cheese, and I’d be in heaven. I always use the same machines too. To be honest, I’ve noticed a difference in the stiffness of the pedals in some of the ellipticals. The ones that have been used more often are not as difficult than others. If you’re weird than we all are. 🙂

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