Monday’s are so much less painful when you are on summer vacation 🙂 Don’t hate me hahah

Over the weekend:

Poolside Bliss

Buffalo Chicken Burgers

Our Farm Share

Rainbow Omelet

It has been 10 days since I started my new thyroid medication and I have been feeling fantastic! So far I have not noticed a change in my metabolism but I have been feeling much more relaxed and anxiety free! I have also noticed a change n my energy level. Typically at the end of the day I am exhausted and passing out by 10. Not anymore. Truthfully I don’t know if it’s the medication or the fact that I’m on summer vacation, and frankly I don’t care! I am fine with the placebo effect. 🙂

Changes I Have Made:

  • Cutting back on the caffeine. A few times a week I have been substituting my coffee with caffeine free ice tea and green tea.
  • I cook my spinach and other leafy veggies. I don’t understand the difference, but apparently raw leafy greens are bad, and cooked greens are alright.
  • I take a fish oil supplement
  •  I eat a lot of yogurt. A lot.

  • I have purchased a few gluten free items which are reasonably priced.
  • I love strawberries. Discovering they can interfere with thyroid function was upsetting. As you will see, I do still eat them, but not nearly as much as I used to. Small steps.

My one complaint is that I cannot eat within an hour of taking the medication in the morning. I am not a morning person, so I wake up, eat and run. I have had to pack many breakfasts to go recently.

Here is yesterday’s FOOD, FUN & FITNESS:


Haddock was on sale this week for $4.99 a pound so I bought 5 pounds. I cooked half of it last night with some lemon pepper, lemon juice, and fresh lemon basil! On the side I made a batch of organic quinoa with arugala, spinach, grape tomatoes, fat free mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. Trader Joe’s organic quinoa is $1.99 a box. Can’t beat it.



I did some shopping yesterday with a few gift cards I had. I bought a pretty new summer dress! Gift cards are the best.

At night I went to Brian’s baseball game. HIS TEAM WON THE WORLD SERIES! Very exciting stuff lol

Best part? All Free!


None. I walked around Target for a while if that counts.


Today I had job #2 and some things to do for job #5. I was lucky enough to have lunch with my mom and grandmother this afternoon as well. I showed my grandmother my wedding dress! She and my mom are the only ones who have seen it. Nothing like a wedding dress to put you into wedding mode though. I started thinking of all the fun wedding things we have coming up. Right now we are in a lull, but with 103 days left until “I DO”, that is bound to change. Right now I am finishing up the planning for Kara’s shower and helping out with my own. It’s all so exciting and I CANNOT believe how fast time is going by. I will be Mrs. Sullivan before I know it. 🙂

Coming up we have the food tasting and the shower, and then it should be smooth sailing until about late August.

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Question: What is your favorite  free activity to do?



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