Running Etiquette

Hey all. What’s up? I am having a wonderful day, free of responsibility. So far I have been prepping some meals for the week, doing some minor wedding things, and lots of house cleaning.

Question: How do people actually watch soap operas?! I turned on Days of Our Lives today and wanted to gouge my eyes out.


Today I made a big batch of ice tea. I used this red tea I bought at Trader Joe’s. Red tea has many of the benefits of green tea but it’s caffeine free.

I  used about 5 tea bags, and fresh lemon basil.

This stuff is delicious and a welcomed alternative to water. I made a few batches today to store in the refrigerator.  The basil added such a fresh taste. Even Nolan will happily drink it which means it must have some serious flavor.


Salad with mixed greens from the farm, red peppers, grape tomatoes, and a hard boiled egg.


Tonight I am attending Nolan’s niece’s birthday party. A night with the Sullivans is always fun. 🙂


Brian and I went on a nice 4 mile run at Cushing today. It is a beautiful 70 degrees today. Since it was too cold to try out my water workout, Cushing was the next best thing!

Ok, I’m going to go on a bit of a rant now….

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people do not adhere to social etiquette and conventions. Here are a few examples:

  • Talking on a cell phone in a checkout line
  • Invading someone’s personal space
  • Not reading body language
  • Cutting someone in line
  • People who like awkward silences
  • People who make unnecessary rude comments under their breath

I always revert back to one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes: (You can skip to 1:10 in to see what I mean)

Lately I have encountered several situations which had me questioning the social etiquette of running. I am hoping some of you more experiences runners can help me out with a few questions.

1. When running on an outside track, do you honor the rules of the road and stay on the right side?

I run into this problem all the time (pun intended). People come to the path at Cushing with their kids on bikes and take up the whole path! They don’t even move when runners are coming by. You are not the only ones at the park!

2. When running with headphones, do you give a verbal hello to someone you pass when they say hi to you? Cushing is right by an assisted living community so there are always older people out walking who say hello to me. Is it rude to nod and just keep running?

3. Where do your keys go?


None of my workout gear has pockets. What does everyone else do? Sometimes I hook my key chain through my sports bra but I feel like an idiot.

4. Is it appropriate to run in public in just a sports bra?


I understand wearing minimal clothing in a gym setting, but in a public park where there are people around for ulterior purposes? You don’t wear a bathing suit to the store so don’t wear your sports bra to the park.

I would much appreciate some input. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Running Etiquette

  1. That tea sounds delish and I never would have thought to add some basil leaves into my tea while I steep it! That’s smart- considering I L.O.V.E. basil!!!!
    I always wonder if I should actually say hello as well— and doesn’t it make you crazy when people take up a whole path. Ugh. I feel you pain but because live in the middle of nowhere now, I don’t EVER see anyone else while I’m out jogging- thank goodness, the baby bump is going everywhere when I jog!

  2. To answer your running questions!
    1. If I’m running at a high school track or whatever I’ll always run on the inner most lane (because it’s actually the shortest distance) unless there’s someone else way faster than me in it, of it there’s someone slower than me I’ll just go around them. But a “path” is different and if I’m on the bike path or whatever, yes, keep to the right.
    2. When running w/ headphones, I usually just smile!
    3. I love Old Navy active wear because they have tiny pockets for keys in the back – that is w/ their running tights, yoga pants, spandex shorts and capris. I have been running lately in legit shorts though because of the heat and they don’t have pockets. Therefore my key goes in my sports bra. I have lost my key that way though (just w/ certain bras) so I am totally anal about checking it while I run…
    4. Unless you’re realling f-ing ripped, and it’s a million degrees out, no 🙂

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