Healthy Summer Soup Recipe

Hey all? Hows your Thursday treatin’ ya? Here is my summer soup recipe that I made yesterday! Enjoy it. 🙂


When I went to Trader Joe’s I was looking for a tortellini to use in my soup but when I saw these Perline pastas with prosciutto, How could I resist. Prosciutto inside of pasta?!

I have never actually used vegetable broth before in my soups. Since the organic broth was the same price as the regular, I opted for the healthier option.

This soup is AMAZING! The broth really helped blend all the flavors together. This pasta? WOW. They are little pillows of heavenly goodness. I seriously suggest anyone with a Trader Joe’s within a 20 mile radius to go out and buy them immediately!

And I am just loving this fresh produce! I don’t generally make soup in the summer, but the kale leaves and basil gave this recipe a fresh, summery feel.



What is your favorite kind of soup?


7 thoughts on “Healthy Summer Soup Recipe

  1. I love Trader Joe’s! We have one by school but I am going through withdrawal here at home this summer… I miss my cat cookies haha I make up a huge batch and freeze them in single servings! My fave soup is chicken noodle! Such a great go to meal on lazy nights!

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