Cake Pop’s Take Two!

Hey there! How’s the weekend going so far? Mine has been going slightly different than originally planned but I will get to that another time.

Last night Kara hosted a little girl’s night at her apartment. There were 10 of us and we enjoyed cocktails and some great food.

My contributions:

I made my second attempt at Cake Pops!

My mom bought me this kit after my first attempt at pops, and last night was the perfect time to use them. The kit came with sticks, candy melts, sprinkles, and cake mix. I decided not to use the cake mix because I had a box of my own!

I used  Funfetti cake mix, and I added in some more fetti of my own.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the cake pop recipe it is 1 box of cake mix, and 1/2 a jar of frosting. First you bake the cake, then you crumble it up and add the frosting. Next you form cake balls and chill for a little bit before covering them in melted chocolate.

The Funfetti mix was good in theory, however when I crumbled the cake the colors all meshed and they came out greenish/brown. 😦

They are still not perfect but they look so much better then last time!!!!! I was pretty proud.

I also made Courtney’s creamy fruit dip!

Step 1:

Honestly, I could have stopped at this step. Brown sugar and cream cheese is DELICIOUS!!!

I didn’t take any pictures of the final serving tray, but I served this addictive dip with pretzel rods, green apple slices, and vanilla wafer cookies!

I got great reviews on both dishes and I will certainly make this dip again in the future. It was a nice change from all the vegetable and chip dips. I did however fall in love with a dip my friend Sarah made.

These are layered Mexican 7 layer dip cups! It’s salsa, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, cheese, tomatoes and olives. I had at least 3 of these cups and there are currently 4 in my fridge. 🙂



What is your favorite party dip?



4 thoughts on “Cake Pop’s Take Two!

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