I cannot believe it’s July already! I already know this month is going to FLY because I have so many things to look forward to. It seems like every weekend I have something majorly exciting happening! Here is my July in a nutshell:

  • 4th of July party
  • NH weekend 7/6-8
  • Kara’s Bridal Shower 7/15
  • Kara’s Bachelorette weekend 7/20-22
  • My Birthday 7/26
  • My Bridal shower 7/28

See what I mean? BUSY BUSY BUSY! But it should be fun!

The last few days have been very laid back and to be honest, there hasn’t been anything exciting to blog about which is why I have been MIA. Here are a few highlights:

  • Yesterday was Nolan’s grandfather’s 91st birthday! We had a nice dinner to celebrate with the birthday boy who doesn’t look a day over 65.

  • This week and next week I will be helping a family friend who runs a daycare. $$! (job # 6 lol)
  • We still haven’t gotten our passports. Major slackers.
  • We scheduled our food tasting for the wedding! In a few weeks we will sample a few different appetizers and entrees and choose what we want served on our big day. (which is 95 days away!)
  • I haven’t worked out in over a week.  Yup.
  • Tomorrow we are co hosting a 4th of July party! All week I have been looking up patriotic recipes to prepare. 
  • This coming weekend Nolan and I are going to New Hampshire with his family for a mini vacation! I am very excited to get away and spend the weekend by the lake.
  • We have no food in the house. We decided to wait until we get back from NH to shop so it’s really slim pickin’s here.

Hopefully today I will make it to the gym after job # 6 and have something exciting to report. 🙂 Enjoy today.



Are you doing anything exciting for the 4th of July?


One thought on “July

  1. So many fun things to look forward to!
    We’re also cohosting a party tomorrow, so I’ll be going into the crazy supermarket later on today!

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