Beets: They’re Nature’s Candy!

Welcome to another Farm stand Friday!

Today we got our 3rd shipment of crops from Bobbin Farm!

This week is less green than last week and more versatile. I am so excited bout this week’s veggies! I was starting to get a bit tired of arugula, chard, and salad greens. 🙂 I certainly see some epic new salads in my future.

Random 90’s side note: Whenever I see beets I think of the tv show Doug on Nickelodeon. Doug LOVED beets. I never even knew what they were at the time. According to Doug, “They’re nature’s candy don’t you know!”


Sorry I’m a 90’s kid. 🙂

Ok back to the veggies…

I pumped for the mint leaves! I need to figure out how I can preserve them. Any ideas? Nolan’s culinary wheels are already turning regarding those spicy Serrano and Jalapeno peppers.

I already used the kale in tonight’s dinner. Since we will be gone the next few days, we have been putting off shopping in a bad way! Luckily, my mom went overboard on her shopping last week and when her freezer was full, she sent some food home with me which came in VERY handy tonight!

Since we have no other food I wasn’t able to add any extra veggies as I typically do, however I did add all the kale we received today!

Sorry for the lame picture.

Enjoy your Friday night all!


Are you a 90’s kid?

What was your favorite tv show growing up?


One thought on “Beets: They’re Nature’s Candy!

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