Holy Burn Lines Batman!

Hi everyone and happy 4th of July weekend! It’s so strange having the 4th be in the middle of the week. Is this 4th of July weekend or was last weekend? Who knows. All I know is I am celebrating this weekend by taking a little vacation to NH with Nolan’s family. Their friends have a house there on a lake so it will be a “free” vacation! It doesn’t get much better than that! I plan to sit back, relax, and try my best not to get burnt! Did you all notice my Irishness in the 4th of July party pictures?



Holy tan burn lines batman! The luck of the Irish right there.

I also packed my sneakers with the naive thought that I may go for a run this weekend. We will see how that turns out. 🙂


I am hoping to see some fireworks this weekend as well! This was the first year in…well ever I think, that I didn’t go to any firework shows for the 4th. Since we will be in NH where fireworks are actually legal (they are not in Massachusetts) I am hoping we will!

I am hoping to cross a few more things off my Summer Bucket List this weekend. I have definitely been slacking lately!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Where is your favorite place to vacation?


3 thoughts on “Holy Burn Lines Batman!

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