“Six Weeks to OMG”

Hey all. How’s the day treatin’ you? This morning I was eating my breakfast (coffee free again) and I caught something very interesting on Today. This actually goes very well with my current detox situation.

Has anyone ever heard of this Six Weeks to OMG Diet? Venice Fulton is the founder of this current diet craze that is sweeping London.

He is a personal trainer with a degree in sports science who believes that the way we currently live does not adequately give our body the opportunity to burn fat and lose weight. He has written a book that will allegedly aide in losing a considerable amount of weight in 6 weeks.

Here are the basic (and outrageous) guidelines for this diet.

  • Skip breakfast. He claims that by consuming a meal first thing in the morning, our body’s metabolism has to burn it off immediately, and cannot break down existing fat.
  • Take a COLD bath first thing in the morning. Our bodies do not like to be cold. Taking a cold bath will cause our body to rev up our metabolism to heat ourselves up and burn more fat.
  • Drink 2 cups of black coffee. Black coffee is also a metabolism booster which encourages fat burning.
  • No snacking. Eating inbetween meals leads to over eating. Cut out snacks all together.
  • Limit fruit. It is high in sugar.
  • Exercise on an empty stomach. You will burn more fat this way.
  • Blow up balloons for a flat tummy. Fulton suggests getting a bag of 20 balloons and blowing them all up to stimulate the stomach muscles.

I’m going to give you all a minute to digest this plan.







Ok so… discussion time. For the most part, this plan goes against everything I have ever read that bares any weight. Skip breakfast? Seriously? This is just going to be another one of those diet crazes that everyone looks back on and laughs and thinks, why were we so gullible?

I have no doubt that this plan WILL help people loose weight because it certainly sounds like a shock to the system. Anyone who has ever dieted knows that shocking the body is the best way to see results. However once our bodies reach a consistent balance, it plateaus. This is why so many workout systems recommend switching up the routine every few weeks and keeping our body on it’s toes. In other words, skipping breakfast and snacks and taking cold baths WILL help you lose weight…initially and in a very unsafe way. But like most extreme diets, the body will adapt and you will probably end up gaining it all back and then some!

I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on the matter, and whether or not they would consider going on a diet like this one.


4 thoughts on ““Six Weeks to OMG”

  1. I saw this too!!!! I had the exact some thoughts. Of course if you skip breakfast and blow up 20 balloons a day you will lose weight. But like with any crash diet, you will definitely gain it back when you start being a real person again! I mean, who can really carry on like this? It’s not teaching you anything except bad habits. Moderation is the key and accepting that you need a lifestyle change in order to be a healthy person. Weight loss is not a perfect thing, you have set backs and you have to figure out how to carry on after that. OMG diets like this are NOT helping America be healthy and it irks me to no end that someone who claims to have a degree in this and knows what he’s talking about would be encouraging people to do this! Are Americans too fat? Yes, absolutely….Do I exercise on an empty stomach? Yes, because I have belly issues when I run if I don’t, lol…other than that, I don’t subscribe to this garbage and I hope nobody else does either!

  2. I KNOW IT! I am glad to see I am not the only one who finds this just absurd. Sure, let’s start our day in an ice bath guzzling coffee and blowing up balloons. I feel skinnier already. Man are people clueless.

  3. Hi, I guess I’m one of the folks you consider clueless because I did download the book a few of weeks ago. If I could recommend one thing to you it would be, read it before you knock it. He has supported his claims with some sound medical research (each technique is backed up by research) and when the information is complete and in context its nowhere near as laughable or offensive as you might think and interestingly it makes a lot of sense.
    I haven’t been blowing up balloons – but if preparing for my children’s birthdays is anything to go by it does give those muscles a workout for sure!
    All the best with your journey to health and well-being (if you are not there already;)

    • Hi Anne,
      Thank you for sharing your opinion! No where in my post did I say that people who adhere to this plan were clueless. I simply stated my OPINION based on the facts and information I have learned, which is that these techniques contradict most of what I have read. Are you following this plan? If so I would love for you to keep me posted on your progress!

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