A New Addition to the Family!

No I am not expecting (although I have certainly been eating for two lately) but it’s just as exciting!

In February, my parents had to unexpectedly put our dog Lexi to sleep. 😦

It was a very sad time and it certainly left a hole in the family.Β  After months of searching, they have found a new puppy who needed a good home and a family to love her.

Please welcome Casey!

Isn’t she cute?! She is a yellow lab puppy mix!

She came from a lab rescue in Alabama and she is 14 weeks old.

She is very playful. πŸ™‚

I am so excited to have a puppy around! She is a bit skinny so as soon as we fatten her up, I plan on taking her on many walks!

Nolan cannot wait to get a dog. We both love huskys and it is Nolan’s dream to one day own a sled team so he will not have to walk anywhere….men.

I mean come on! Who doesn’t want a pack of these cuties!

Unfortunately…after about 20 minutes of playing with Casey, my throat got itchy, I started sneezing, and I needed to puff on the old inhaler.

I am not 100% sure of my allergy to pets, but I do know that all cats absolutely KILL me. I certainly need to see an allergist before we ever decided to get a dog. But for now, we will be the cool aunt and uncle who visits, takes her for walks, and leaves when the breathing gets tough.


Cats or dogs?

Favorite breed?



4 thoughts on “A New Addition to the Family!

  1. Awwww Casey is ADORABLE! Congrats on the new addition…losing a pet is tough so my heart goes out to you. Huskies are also one of my fav kinds of dogs! When you get one, Auntie Krista and Uncle Tony will surely have to come visit. lol. Speaking of Nolan’s life dream, I happened to post a pic on facebook of a husky today that said: “Oh you ran a marathon? How heavy was the sled?” hahahaha. Love. I just love animals in general and I would totally have a dog if I could, but I do have two cats and one of them definitely thinks he is a dog. He’s good enough until we can get a real dog πŸ™‚

  2. Casey is SO CUTE!!! I’m definitely a dog person and my favorite breed is an Australian Cattle Dog, just because that’s what my Meeko is πŸ™‚ They’re very smart and active!

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