Sesame Chicken Bath Please

Hey everyone! I need to clue everyone in on an amazing dinner Nolan and I had on Sunday night. We had a pretty lazy day after Kara’s shower, and it was too hot to cook anything. We decided to go out to Ten-Ichi for a hot date, which is an Asian restaurant in Natick.

We had seen them featured on The Phantom Gourmet and it looked too delicious to pass up. I was THRILLED a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon a Groupon deal! For $20, we received a $40 voucher! 50% off a meal and we get to try a new place? SOLD AND SOLD.

This is my first Phantom recommended restaurant of the summer. 1 down, 4 to go on my Summer Bucket List. Right away we knew we were off to a great start. There were about 5 Asians hanging around outside, no forks on the table, and we could not understand a word our waitress was saying. I know this doesn’t sound politically correct, but I hate going to a Chinese food restaurant where the menu, utensils, and people are Americanized.

The atmosphere was perfect.

We spent about 20 minutes looking over the menu. There were so many diverse options, most of which we had never heard of and really wanted to try. We eventually collaborated and came up with a game plan.

We started with an order of Siu-Mi

Open-faced Dumplings Filled with a Mixture of Seasoned Pork, Shrimp, Black Mushroom, and Water Chestnuts

WOW! I could have easily eaten all 6 of these little bundles of heaven and called it a day. The pork was perfectly seasoned, and there were huge lumps of shrimp!

Next, we decided to get the Sushi Deluxe
Ten Pieces of Assorted Sushi, Tekka Maki

There was shrimp, tuna, salmon, octopus, squid, yellow tail, and mackerel.

Ok- I love sushi. I love seafood and the natural flavors of fish, but I just can’t get into sashimi. There isn’t enough flavor and texture differentiation. Nolan however LOVES squid, octopus, and all that slimy fish. I stuck with the salmon and tuna. 🙂 My theory is that he smothers it in wasabi and soy sauce so it doesn’t taste bad.

Personally, I am not really a condiment lover. I don’t use a ton of soy sauce, ketchup, A1 sauce, or marinades on my meat. I love the natural flavors of meat and I hate covering it up with salty and sweet glazes. Oh and wasabi makes me gag and cry a little. lol

Luckily our final menu choice was sesame chicken. O.M.G this was incredible! I know I just did a little condiment/sauce rant, but I wanted to bathe in this sesame sauce! Chicken is the only place I load up on the extras!

It was sweet and sticky and absolutely delicious! It was also the perfect pairing with the sashimi. I went back and forth between a bite of chicken, and a piece of fish.

The total came to $47, so we technically paid $27! Can’t beat it! We finished our meal and looked around at all the food being taken to various tables. Every dish that passed by us looked better than the last. We agreed that we certainly need to come back again very soon.

Ten-Ichi: 9/10 on the Sullivan Scale


How do you feel about maki and sashimi?


What do you think?

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