WIAW: It’s Too Hot to Cook

This week’s WIAW is best served cold. It has been way too hot during the day to use the oven so we have been trying our best to find ways around it.


Remember that giant zucchini we got in this week’s farm share?

Well I put half of it to very good use!

Low fat zucchini bread! As I said, it has been too hot during the day to use the oven. I actually baked this bread at about 10:00pm.

It is so moist and delicious, you would never know it’s made with applesauce and egg whites. I will post the full recipe another day.


A salad of mixed greens, lemon cucumbers, carrots, and leftover fish. I dressed it with a little feta cheese, light Italian dressing, and fresh lime juice.

I also picked up a few of these sparkling ice drinks that I have read so much about.

This one tasted just like Sprite! I will def need to stock up on them soon!


A hard boiled egg and a handful of blueberries.  Protein and healthy carbs.


I tried out my second Phantom Gourmet recommended restaurant of the week. I met my friends Teresa and Michelle for dinner at Ken’s steak house.

This restaurant is actually an iconic place in Framingham and the origin of Ken’s salad dressing. My aunt actually married into the Hanna family who owns Ken’s, but I had never actually eaten here before! The restaurant was actually the original investment but so many customers loved the dressing they served that they decided to bottle it!

That certainly explains my dressing selections:

Yes- if you are keeping track I have eaten out 3 days so far this week. At least I have been making decent choices!

I ordered the Cold Tenderloin salad. – baby greens, Bermuda onions, tomatoes, blue cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette.

I couldn’t bring myself to order something that didn’t have meat on it. It’s a steak house after all. I did order it without blue cheese because I just cannot stand it. I hate the taste. The tenderloin was incredible. I know I use that word a lot but this really was. I enjoyed every last bite.


For dessert I had a delicious little creation.

Key Lime Pie Bitz!

I found this recipe on the blog Little Bitty Bakes and I HAD to try them! They were pretty simple to make and the taste is out of this world! I am deeming it a MUST TRY! I will post a recipe later, but in a nut shell it’s Chobani and gram crackers!

As usual, I didn’t make the prettiest of desserts, but it tastes great! And there was no baking involved which was a big plus!



What do you prepare on a hot summer day?


12 thoughts on “WIAW: It’s Too Hot to Cook

  1. Here is England it is cold and wet and we are all hoping the summer will start soon! When it is hot i like to make little salad dishes that we all can tuck into. Stuffed peppers,oliver, tasty salads and things like that. Looking forward to your low fat Zucchini bread recipe.

  2. Zucchini bread and the key lime bites look fantastic! It’s so cool that your aunt married into that family and that you tried that restaurant! I love little bits of history. 🙂

  3. My first thought when I saw “Ken’s Steak House” was, “I wonder if that is the same place as the dressing! LOL Although it is too hot to cook here (this week 100F+), I find that my bread turns out the absolute best in hot weather. Thankfully, we got our A/C unit replaced in April. : )

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