Fiances Say the Darndest Things!

SO throughout this engagement and wedding process I have heard an unbelievable amount of hilarious comments and questions come from grooms’ mouths. As girls, we are kept in the wedding loop and generally know the ins and outs of the wedding planning process before we ever have a ring. Men however- that’s a whole different story. It amazes me how little they know about weddings and how little they pay attention when they attend one.

Here is a collection of amusing anecdotes I have heard groom’s say.

**This is NOT all from Nolan! However if you know him personally, you can probably guess which ones he said. :-)**

  • “Can we register for gifts at Game Stop?”
  • “My friends are supposed to buy us gifts?”
  • “What is a bridal shower?”
  • “Did you buy the silly hat thing that goes with the wedding dress?” (The veil)
  • Regarding tux rentals: “Do my groomsmen all need to wear the same thing?”
  • “Can I wear a monocle and top hat? Like Mr. Peanut.”
  • “Is a blue suit like the one from Dumb and Dumber definitely out?”
  • “I will just have my mom take pictures at the wedding.”
  • “Can our first dance be to Billy Idol’s White Wedding?”

Good thing they are cute!


If you are married or currently engaged, what is a funny question or comment that your husband- to be as said?


2 thoughts on “Fiances Say the Darndest Things!

  1. Hahaha Love this post! We’re not engaged yet, but I was asked…”So an engagement ring is different than a wedding ring?” You would never know he’s intelligent based on some things that come out of his mouth. I’m in big trouble!

  2. Seriously? It’s so funny how clueless they came be. I don’t consider myself to be a girls girl, but I certainly have known the basics of weddings for…ever? lol Good thing they have us to set them straight.

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