The Great Outdoors

The week is almost over! How’s Thursday treatin you? So far I have had a pretty awesome day. First lets back track to yesterday afternoon.


I have spent majority of the last 24 hours outside! Yesterday was another unbearably hot day and I needed to give the a.c a break because our bill is through the roof! So I packed a lunch and headed over to the pool!

I also got a quick workout in and swam 20 laps!  I worked up quite an appetite. Lunch time!

Ham and cheese sandwich on an Arnold sandwich thin.

A very ripe plum.

I tried my second Sparkling ICE drink, pomegranate blueberry and I loved it just as much as the lemon lime.

About an hour after my lunch, there was a severe change in the weather.



The clouds opened and it started POURING! We desperately needed rain so I can’t complain but it certainly put an end to my pool day.


I definitely get the best sister award today! This morning I was up bright and early to go fishing with Brian. My alarm woke me up at 5 and we got to the lake at 6. The bass had no chance with us on the water.

After a few hours on the lake we headed for dry land.

Since he talked me into getting up early to fish, I was able to talk him into going on a little hike!

We conquered Nobscot Mountain (hill) today!

Brian was an excellent navigator and we didn’t get lost, even though the names of the trails were different on the map and in real life.

The summit is only about 600 feet but we hiked all around the reservation for about 2 hours covering around 4 1/2 miles.

At the top we sat for a little snack while we enjoyed the nice view of Boston.

It was an exhausting day but thanks to Brian I can cross a few things off my Summer Bucket List. 🙂 AND it was Free!!


Have you ever gone hiking before?


5 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors

  1. So much fun! We just booked a trip to PA in September to hike the adventure trails at Bushkill Falls. 🙂

      • Thanks! Hopefully, we have good weather otherwise it may turn into an indoor vaca with the whirpool and wine. lol Hmmm…Good question. Definitely Clif Bars, but we haven’t discussed what else yet!

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