Key Lime Pie Bites

Good morning and happy Friday!

I am very excited because I leave tonight for NH to celebrate Kara’s bachelorette party! It will be a whole weekend of girly fun. 🙂 we have a very exciting agenda in store for our bride. This morning I have to pack and run a few last minute errands. I also have to go to Trader Joe’s and stock up on some healthy treats for the weekend and some 2 Buck Chucks! For those of you who are not blessed with a liquor carrying Trader Joe’s a 2 Buck Chuck is a line of wine by Charles Shaw that is $2.99 a bottle and actually tastes very good! It is a great simple wine, and also a great ingredient in sangrias!

Here is the recipe for those delectable Key Lime Pie Bites! I adopted this recipe from Little Bitty Bakes

They didn’t come out as beautiful as I wished, but the flavor combination is incredible. It tastes just like a little pie! I plan on using this recipe to make a big pie in the future. I was also thinking of tweeking this recipe to make a lemon pie. So many options! And no baking involved. That is certainly my kind of dessert! 🙂


What is your favorite kind of pie?



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