Never Have I Ever…

….traveled outside the U.S.

On Monday Nolan and I got our passports! Last year Kara and I traveled to Bermuda  but since we went from U.S port to U.S port we didn’t need a passport.

Would you let us into your country?


Since we are both AAA members, our passport photos were free!  However, our trip to the post office lasted 1 1/2 hrs!There was a huge line and no one was easy.

First there was a group of older people who filled the form out in blue ink which apparently isn’t allowed. However, they were a bit stubborn and refused to fill out a new form. I can’t blame them because the form took about 15 minutes to fill out, but come on! There was a line of about 5 people waiting behind them! WE ARE LIVING IN A SOCIETY HERE!

Finally we were next. There was only a a 2 year old in front of us who just needed a photo. No forms, no paperwork, just a photo. Simple right? WRONG. VERY WRONG. The little girl BALLED her eyes out for 15 minutes. They couldn’t take the picture until she calmed down, so we had to stand there and wait. And wait. And wait. Finally it was our turn and we were in and out in 10 minutes.

It made me so much more excited for our honeymoon! I keep forgetting that after the big day, we have a big week planned of rest and relaxation.

Dominican Republic, here we come!!!


78 more days!



Have you ever traveled outside of your home country?

Where did you travel to?



What do you think?

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