Kara’s Bachelorette Weekend, Part 1

Hi everyone and happy Monday!

I just got back from my weekend in New Hampshire for Kara’s Bachelorette party! We had an absolute blast. We stayed at one of the bridesmaid’s houses and it was so beautiful.


Just the bridal party was there that day. We ordered pizza and subs, cracked open a few bottles of wine, played some girly games and enjoyed some quality time in the hot tub. 🙂


A few more girls came up and we started the day with a few mimosas!

Next we headed down the street to Whales Tale Water Park. This water park was amazing. They had some absolutely terrifying water slides, a band, and a bar. Unfortunately when Irish people spend too much time in the sun after a few mimosas, this happens.


After many hours in the sun, we came home and got ready for a girls night out!

That night, we had reservations at Bailiwicks Restaurant and Martini Bar. We made sure to come prepared with our own personalized martini glasses!

For dinner I (shockingly) ordered the Prime rib. It came topped with shaved horseradish and a side of roasted potatoes and a medley of summer vegetables.

It was fantastic and perfectly cooked. Can you believe this was the small?! However the show stopper was actually the soup I received before the steak.

This is a tomato and corn bisque and IT WAS AMAZING. I cannot even describe it, but for me to say it was better than the steak, you know it was pretty special.

We spent 3 hours chatting, and sipping our martinis.

It was a perfect dinner, with some great company. 🙂

We had no idea what was in store for us later that night.



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