Grapefruit Beer

Good morning everyone and happy Friday! I had such a great birthday yesterday. We are trying to save money right now so we planned a birthday on a budget!

Instead of going out for a nice dinner, we went out for a nice lunch instead. Most restaurants have great lunch menus that are cheaper. Of course, I wanted to go to John Harvards! It is easily my favorite restaurant. It is the only place I go that I order something different every time and it’s all great!

Today I tried the TMP penini. It is a tomato, mushroom and pesto sandwich with mozzarella cheese.

Nolan immediately yelled at me for my poor food making decision because ” there is no meat in it!” but it was so filling. I actually only ate half before calling it quits. It was like a really fancy grilled cheese!

Nolan was very upset to see they had taken his go-to buffalo chicken wrap off the menu! After some pouting, he finally ordered a southwest chicken wrap.

We also each got the beer sampler. This is my absolute favorite part of John Harvard’s. They brew their beer on site and the menu is always changing. For $6.99 you get to sample 5 different 5 oz beers.

Today I discovered a new favorite beer. It’s called the Minuteman IPA and it’s infused with citrus and grapefruit. Yes, grapefruit! I love these flavors and it worked so well with the richness of the IPA. They seriously need to bottle thing stuff asap. It had a crisp taste that would be perfect for a summer cookout. If it hadn’t been 1:00 on a Thursday, I would have ordered about 5 of these!

After lunch, we made our second budget savvey decision of the day. We were going to go to the movies, but instead we went to Redbox and rented 2 movies. We got Sherlock Holmes and The Game of Shadows and 21 Jump Street. I am a huge Holmes fan so I loved the movie. Growing up my dad used to tell us Sherlock mysteries by the campfire. 21 Jump Street was hilarious and who doesn’t love Channing Tatum? (Nolan actually. He got very annoyed at my constant “He’s so damn hot!” comments)

For dinner I headed over to my parents house. Unfortunately all the boys were sick so I kept my visit short. I did get some quality puppy time in though!

Isn’t Casey the cutest?!?!?!

I also had some quality cake time!

This was easily the best chocolate cake I have ever had! It was sooo rich and the cherries made it very decedent.


I didn’t take pictures, but I got some fantastic presents as well! I have enough k-cups to last 3 months and some very fun kitchen gadgets. 🙂 Thanks Mom!

Another birthday has come and gone and guess what…I don’t feel any older or wiser. I was hoping once I hit 25 all the mysteries of life would become clear and I would have more answers. NOPE. Does this ever come?



What is your favorite cake-ice cream combo?




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