Olympic Opening Night

Today is my bridal shower and I am so excited! This will be the first time that many of mine and Nolan’s family members will meet each other.

So as I mentioned yesterday, I was stuck inside for most of the day with the construction guy. While I was held hostage I decided to prep some dinner for last night.

We have a ton of pasta so I decided to go with our crock pot meat sauce.

I microwaved some frozen veggies and dinner was served! I’m tellin’ you. These frozen veggies are the BEST! They were on sale 2/$5 this week so I stocked up! They are 32 oz bags and they are a mix of lima beans, green beans, corn and carrots. I put them on salads, in omelets, soups, and sides. So versatile, and cheap!

For dessert, strawberry shortcake!

I found an Angel food cake on the bakery clearance rack for $1. I already had strawberries, and fat free cool whip was only $1.25.

It was a great late night snack that didn’t sit too heavy in my stomach.  I savored my dessert while watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics with my mom.

I have to be honest- I didn’t love it. I thought it was a bit strange and I just didn’t get it.  I certainly enjoyed watching the athletes proceed in waving their flags with pride, but I could have don’t without the England history lesson.  It is amazing that so many countries can set aside their differences and come together in a respectful competitive spirit.

I did love the way they lit the final torch.

It was a combination of like 200 torches coming together.

**FUN FACT: My mom actually filled me in on this gossip and Nolan had heard it on the radio- they brought in 150 thousand condoms for the Olympics! Apparently it’s one big love fest. After seeing how gorgeous some of these athletes are I can totally understand why. 😉 **

During the ceremony, mom and I got into wedding mode. She came over so we could do our wedding invitations,  and go over a few other details.  I just can’t believe how quickly and easily things have been coming together. We have many exciting things coming up that I will be sure to keep everyone posted on!


What did you think of the Olympic opening ceremonies?


6 thoughts on “Olympic Opening Night

  1. Fun fact: one of my neighbors (and a fellow UML alum) is in the Olympics!!! He’s running the 500 meters for Cape Verde. I see him running down my street every day. He’s ridiculously fast. I was so sad I missed Cape Verde last night!! I agree with you on the opening ceremonies though….Bob Costas…YIKES. Don’t get me started. But I plan on watching lots and lots of Olympics…I’m excited!

    • omg that is so exciting! All Olympic events are on demand so I’m sure you can find him! I have been watching it non stop! It’s so exciting to watch all these amazing young athletes. I think I like the winter games better though!

  2. HAVE FUN today! Birthday and bridal shower in one week? Nice! 🙂 I realized I have no idea about geography. I have never heard of half those countries nor do I know where they are located. I’m sure parents are thrilled I’m teaching their kids. 😉

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