My Shower

God morning everyone!

Yesterday was my bridal shower! My bridesmaids did a fantastic job pulling everything together. 🙂

It was at Kennedy’s Restaurant a few towns over. We had a private area for our festivities and the girls did a great job decorating!

The favors were so cute.

The theme of the night was food! There were  avors, trivia, and a wonderful recipe box filled with some family favorites.

There were gifts


and more gifts

And of course, food!

One of the best parts of the shower was that there was a menu, not a buffet! Of course, I went with the steak tips! They were probably the best tips I have ever had!!!!! There wasn’t too much sauce, the meat was tender, and perfectly rare. 🙂

My aunt made some INCREDIBLE desserts!

VERY successful cake pops! And delicious cupcakes!

It was a fantastic day, and we got so many great gifts! I cannot wait to start cooking with my new pots and pans! I am so lucky to have such a great supportive family, and a pretty handsome fiance 🙂


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