Triple Cakes

Good morning and welcome to Monday…. Not to rub it in or anything, but I have NOTHING to do today. 🙂 I love when this happens. I had a very fun and busy weekend. Here’s what you may have missed:

There are a few more things I need to fill you all in on.


Saturday after my shower I went into Boston for a 90’s concert! It is no secret that I love my 90’s tunes so I was pumped for the opportunity to travel back in time for the night.This particular concert was part of the Summerland Tour. We saw performances by

The crowd was primarily those who grew up in the 90’s and they were rocking out! The best part of the evening is that we got free tickets and a photo pass through MAME Magazine. Teresa let me man the camera so I watched Sugar Ray and Everclear about 2 inches from the stage. 🙂

For the most part all the acts did a great job. Everclear was a bit off, but the lead singer is in his 50’s now. However the real show stopper was Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray.

He absolutely rocked it out of no where! He even sang a few 90’s covers and really got the crowd pumped. It was a blast, and I was instantly transformed to that 9 year old girl listening to my metallic purple Walkman.


Yesterday Nolan and I ran a few errands, and unpacked all our loot!

We received so many amazing gifts! We are currently planning to have a party to use all our new trays and party-ware!

With Nolan’s help I also finished all my Thank You notes!


Every year Nolan’s family hosts a triple birthday night for me and Nolan’s two younger siblings. Our birthday’s fall right in a row, the 24th, 25th, and 26th. This year, my mom came for the party! Here are a few highlights!

The three birthday people!

Nolan and I with our moms!

Me and all 4 of Nolan’s sisters!

Blowing out the candles!

The triple cakes!

MY PLATE: Steak Tips, baked potato, mixed veggies and a salad.Yes I realize that I had steak tips both nights this week, and no I’m not complaining. 🙂

I also had a nice slice of ice cream cake. 🙂

I am so lucky to be marrying into such a great family. Only 68 days to go!


Growing up, what was your favorite band?


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