38 thoughts on “WIAW: Summer Staples and Spa Giveaway

  1. That smoothie looks so refreshing – I’ll have to blend one up sometime! Seeing the Italian ice brings me back to my elementary days and their wooden stick “spoons”…gahhd, I love those 🙂

  2. those luigi ices are my dad’s favorite thing in the summer! and the coffee does look delicious. i used to stock up on pb + chocolate coffee beans when we went to lancaster every year. i haven’t gotten anything crazy in a while.

    i’m pretty sure i’d go for a massage if i won a spa gift card. i had one this summer, and it was amazing.

  3. I would treat myself to a pedicure with that gift card – this summer I’ve been attacking the Jillian Michaels DVDs, and they have RUINED my feet!

  4. oh my God .. first of all: thanks for requesting to be my first friend on wellsphere lol
    second of all: we surely share a true love for Eric Northman, I just mentioned him in one of my last blog posts actually ❤ (I am a little bit embarrassed that he makes me sound like a 13 year old girl all over again hahaha) .. during summer, I also love love love frozen treats .. froyo or plain frozen bananas with almond or peanut butter …yummm! in winter it does get quite cold in Austria so I need to stay away from all frozen goods then, but you are from Boston right? so you should have the same idea of what winter is like brrrrr .. and lastly: I love your blue skirt in the pic on your side bar!! Greeetings from Austria xxx

    • I love everything about your comment!
      I cannot get over Eric. I can’t. I drool every Sunday night uncontrollably. haha.
      Our winters are certainly brutal but no matter the weather, I always love a good frozen treat!
      The blue skirt was the best $8 I ever spent!
      Greetings from Boston!!!

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  6. Your eats look delicious! I love smoothies and fresh salads in the summer!

    Life has been pretty stressful lately and I would definitely use it on a massage!

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  9. Ooh you are eating some yummy looking stuff. Addicted to that Ice Water stuff. SO SO good.

    If I won, I’d probably let my mom use it actually for a mani or pedi.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

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  11. I would give the card to my sister if I won.She is very into trying new spas and she has been so stressed out lately from working so much as a PR rep at a resort 😦 i want her to use it for a pedicure or something relaxing because she deserves it !

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