Farm Share #7

I know that many of you will kill me for saying this but I am really sick of having the summer off. A crazy as that sounds, I am just so bored! I have recently had some tremendous weekends, however during the week when everyone else is at work and I have nothing to do, it sucks.

This week, the boy I tutor is on vacation, the kids I babysit for are going to Storyland, and I’m stuck with nothing to do and no money to make. It would certainly be more fun if I had some extra $$ around, but when you are planning a wedding, there is no such thing as extra $$. We are currently 2 months away from the big day, so it’s very much crunch time!  We need to save save save, and that generally translate to bored bored bored.  All I can say is thank goodness for the Olympics because it gives me something to route for!

So today I spent the majority of my time in blog land, catching up and making some improvements. You may have noticed that you can now follow SLF on facebook!

It’s about time huh? I will admit, I am somewhat challenged in the technology department (part of why I am marrying a computer genius) so it took me all day to set up a new account and fiddle around with it. So PLEASE like us and visit my new facebook page!


Obviously I was gone all weekend so I didn’t have a chance to post about this week’s farm share! They have really been getting fantastic!

Not photographed are the green beans, cucumbers, and a head of lettuce. Time to get cooking!


9 thoughts on “Farm Share #7

  1. I’m also a teacher but have been in my classroom everyday getting ready for the year! I’d love a day off haha. Oh, and you’ll love having a Facebook page for your blog…it’s addicting but a great resource!

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