Never Had I Ever…..

…had Oats In A Jar

SHOCKING, I know. For years I have read blog posts about the amazingness of OIAJ and I somehow have just never made them….

Until today! For those of you who are unaware, Oats In A Jar is the concoction made when you discover your peanut butter jar is just about empty.

Instead of wasting that leftover goodness that you simply cannot scrape off the sides, you whip up a batch of oatmeal put it in the jar with your desired mixins, and let it sit over night. The hot oats melts that peanut butter and in the morning you are left with an incredible, quick breakfast!

Yesterday, I read Angela’s blog and her OIAJ looked too good to pass up. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an empty peanut butter jar, but I did find this near empty jar of pumpkin butter from last year’s apple picking excursion! (It’s still good. No judging.)

I whipped up my usual oatmeal and added some fun!

I am a bit upset because now I know that I have been missing! They are rich, creamy, and very filling. My favorite part was the fact that I didnt have to cook anything this morning!  I can definitely see this being an active member in my breakfast rotation when school starts!

If anyone out there has a few successful OIAJ recipes,  please share!

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Enjoy the day.


What is your favorite on the go breakfast?


10 thoughts on “Never Had I Ever…..

  1. Those look delicious! I would love to try TJ’s sugar chocolate grinder but I’m not a coffee fan so I probably won’t like it. I love OIAJ with pretty much any PB&Co peanut butter.

  2. I just recently tried oats in a jar too! I couldn’t believe what I was missing! I also just tried overnight oats with greek yogurt and now I am addicted!!!

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