Catching Fire

Hey everyone, how’s the day going? Mine has been just as good as I predicted!


Peanut butter and jelly waffles!

Two of Trader Joe’s gluten free waffles topped with grape jelly and a generous helping of PB2. Sooooo good! However, the showstopper was my choice of beverage!

THANK YOU MOM!!! (she purchased the coffee) Wow this is definitely my new favorite summer blend. I like nutty flavors in my coffee (hazelnut with skim milk, no sugar) and this had just that. It tastes a bit exotic but it’s not overly sweet. Perfect summer beverage. 🙂


Ham sandwich with some farm fresh cantaloupe.

Nolan and I are always looking for good deals on food. Out deli has a side section where they wrap up the ends of the big deli meats that wont fit in the slicer, “deli ends”. It was .79 for a ham end, and it’s made 3 sandwiches so far. Awesome.

I spent the afternoon in my bikini on my balcony soaking in the sun and reading the 2nd book in the Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day out!

I made myself a little appetizer plate to nibble on as I read.

An apple, American cheese, cherry tomatoes, and rice cakes. Very good book snacks! I am just about done with the book and I cannot wait to move onto the third!

ALSO, our wedding invitations finally came in!

We absolutely love them! They are so perfect for us. 🙂 The blue matches my bridesmaid dresses and the subtle leaves are perfect for our fall wedding. I cannot believe its only 58 days away!!!


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