Games and A Giveaway Winner

Hello and good morning everyone!

I just want to start by thanking everyone who participated in this week’s Spa Finder Giveaway! If I had the $$ I would sent one to all of you. Unfortunately that’s not the case, but here is our lucky winner!

Congrats Blogging Runner! Please send your contact info to me at so I can send you your winnings!


Remember a few days ago when I was complaining about being bored this summer? Well I have recently had a change of heart. More specifically, yesterday. It was filled with good food, the perfect weather, and this.

Yes I FINALLY decided to read Hunger Games! I had a gift card to Barnes and Noble and I spent it wisely. I went over to Nolan’s parents house and sat by the pool for some relaxation and murder. Oh, and snacks!

I kept rotating between reading a chapter and swimming. It only took about 2 pages before I was hooked! Did I love it? Well put it this way. At 9:30 I ran to Target because I just had to see what happened next.

Yup, finished it in about 7 hrs haha. I told you, I have an addictive personality! I bought them both for good measure, because I anticipate finishing this one around noon. Luckily, I also ordered the Fifty Shades of Grey box set for my upcoming vacation! (More details later) I have a busy day of reading ahead of me. Catch ya later!



Have you read the Hunger Games? Thoughts? Opinions?



7 thoughts on “Games and A Giveaway Winner

  1. I LOVED Hunger Games – it’s definitely one of the best series I have read lately. Those cherries look delish. Also I have to agree with the addictive personality – I would have done the same.

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