Farmshare Friday #8

What a day.  Lets start from the beginning.


Special K Vanilla Almond with strawberries and skim milk and an egg puff!

In a plastic container I mixed 1 egg with a little milk and added some frozen veggies. 3 minutes later, I had an egg puff!

So how did I spend my day you ask? Tying bows. Yes, bows. Remember my invitations?

Well those beautiful bows do NOT come tied.  After about 3 hrs, and several YouTube -how to tie a bow videos,  managed to figure it out.

Ugh! So tonight, my mom and I will put everything together, assembly line style and send them out in tomorrow’s mail.


Today we received our 8th shipment from Bobbin Farm!

In this week’s haul we received:
Collards/ Kale
Cherry tomatoes
Heirloom tomatoes
Husk cherries
Summer squash
Green and hot peppers
Eggplant/ beans or chard
Fresh onions

WOW! Talk about a good haul! Unfortunately I will be on vacation most of this week so the produce will have to wait for my return!



What do you have planned for the upcoming weekend?


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