My Vacation In A Nutshell

Good morning everyone and welcome to Thursday! I have a million things to do which include post-vacation chores (laundry, unpacking etc…) and some packing to do for a very fun filled blogger weekend in Boston!

I am so siked to meet my fellow bloggers and spend the weekend with good people, food, and fun. 🙂

Ok first thing’s first. As I mentioned, my vacation was wonderful. Nickerson is truly a great place to relax and clear your head. I didn’t have my phone on for most of the vacation but I did manage to get a few pictures of the trip.


Brian and I drove to the Cape and got set up. Once the tents were up we headed to the beach. Our favorite ocean spot is Rock Harbor. It is such a gorgeous place to watch the water.

There are a line of trees that stretch across the harbor to guide the charter boats through the deep channel. How cool does that look? After a day at the beach we headed to one of the best seafood places in Cape Cod, Sir Crickets. It’s a tiny seafood shack with the best clam chowder I have ever had.

Brian and I each got a bowl and split an order of onion rings. What better place to eat fresh seafood then at the beach?

Good chowder has to be thick, with a substantial clam to potato ratio.

After our dinner we walked the low tide.


I am grouping these days together because they were pretty similar. My parents finally joined us and we finished settingu p camp.

There was a lot of this…

and this…

and omg, this….

Oh yea. I finished the Hunger Games trilogy and moved right onto 50 shades. To be honest, I didn’t love books 2 and 3 of the Hunger Games. However I don’t think I put the 50 shades down for the whole trip. Can you blame me? 😉

Tuesday night we all went out for dinner at the Kream n Kone. This is another one of my family’s favorite seafood spots. We go every year for the fisherman’s platter.

My mom and I split this gigantic seafood feast. It contains shrimp, scollops, cod, clams, fries, and onion rings. My favorite has to be the scollops. Delicious! As if the fried food wasn’t filling enough, we topped it off with some frozen yogurt. I chose the mango flavor which is vanilla frozen yogurt with fresh mangoes blended in.

It was a great trip and leaving was very bittersweet. However I have so many things to do in the next few weeks, including find a job. I wont go into it, but yea, the job search is on. But first I need to unpack and get the laundry going. Ugh I HATE unpacking. Wish me luck!


Where is your favorite vacation spot?


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