Healthy Living Summit!

So far I have finished everything I assumed I would accomplish on the to-do-list.

  • Pick up dead car
  • find new car
  • find a job
  • Go to the bank
  • laundry
  • pack for HLS


My fall oatmeal. PB2, cinnomin, nutmeg, and my favorite Trader Joe’s grinder.


A turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and Laughing Cow cheese.


I am so excited/nervous for this weekend’s Healthy Living Summit! The girls in charge sound like they have put together an incredible weekend for us all!


2 – 5 PM – Early Check in

7  – 10 PM – Cocktail Party with Rebootizer at the Riverside Pavilion at the Hyatt Regency


 8:00 –
   Breakfast sponsored by wild harvest®
 8:45 –
   Opening Remarks
 9:00 –
   Teams of Awesome: Introductions
 9:35 –
  Morning Workout with Reebok
 10:15 –
   Morning Break
 10:45 –
Hosting a Virtual Challenge
with Amanda Brooks
of Run to the Finish
Blog Photog Basics with Gretchen Powell of Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen
 11:35 –
Blogging With Brands: a panel hosted by Lauren of Say What You Need to Say Blog Design Boot Camp with Julie Grice of Savvy Eats
 12:25 –
 1:30 –
   Keynote Speaker courtesy of Wild Harvest(R),
Genie Nicholas & Kim Kirchherr
 2:25 –
Newbie Q & A Discussion
lead by Courtney of
Sweet Tooth Sweet Life
I am the Blogger in Your Neighborhood: a panel hosted by Holly, The Healthy Everythingtarian
 3:10 –
   Afternoon Break and Workout with Drink Chia!
 3:30 –
Social Media: Keeping Up With Online Trends with Heather of Running with Sass The Fuzzy Grey Areas of Blogging: a panel hosted by Rachel Wilkerson
 4:20 –
5:00 PM
   Closing Remarks



8AM – 9Am – 5K Fun Run/ Walk
9AM – 11:00AM – Farewell Brunch and Roundtable Discussions


As a fairly new blogger, I am most anxious to learn how I can take Savor Life’s Flavors to the next phase. It will be such a great opportunity to learn from the best. I am most excited for the following:

  • group runs
  • SWAG
  • Wild Harvest breakfast
  • Newbie Q&A
  • Crossfit workout with Reebok
  • Social Media seminars

Since I live 20 minutes out of Boston I am heading to the summit around 5. Tonight there will be a cocktail party so everyone can mingle and get to know each other. I’m excited for this because I really won’t know anyone. On the roster, I noticed that a lot of people attending are also from the Boston area. It will be great to meet some local bloggers! 🙂

Ok! Time to load up the car and get moving! Enjoy the weekend!


Have you ever attended a blog summit?


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