Weekend Recap

Good morning and welcome to Monday. I had such a fantastically busy weekend!

Saturday’s HLS festivities began at 8:00am with a breakfast! Since I didn’t get into Boston until late on Friday,  I still had to pick up my swag bag!

(I totally stole this pic from the HLS facebook page btw)

We got so much great stuff! Unfortunately, due to my tiny feet, they had to special order my Reebok sneakers. 😦 Hopefully I will get them soon!

The breakfast was sponsored by Wild Harvest. There was such a wide range of healthy choices!


The yogurt with the pomegranate granola was def my favorite!

It was such a great opportunity to meet new people and network! Our lovely hosts did a lovely introduction, preparing us for a day of fun! We also got a chance to walk around and meet some of this year’s sponsors!


After breakfast, some lovely local ladies and I took a long walk along the Charles River. I had such a great time getting to know the Sailing Foodie and Jamie.

Around 11, there was a series of blog discussions. I attended the following:

  • Blogging with Brands
  • Hosting a Virtual Challenge
  • The Fuzzy Gray Areas Of Blogging
  • Newbie Blogger Q&A
  • Recipe Development

I dipped into my swag bag early and went prepared. 🙂

My favorite seminar of the day was the Newbie Blogger Q&A.  I wont get into specifics, but I learned SO much, and I can’t wait to get down to work and make SLF great!

Ok, I have some serious work to do today. Ready…..GO!


If you attended the Healthy Living Summit, what was your favorite part of the weekend?

How did you spend your weekend?



What do you think?

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