I’m Still Not Sure What I Stand For

I will keep this short and sweet because I like my posts to focus on food and optimism and not emotional crap but sometimes it’s hard to keep a lid on it.

I have a current favorite song. I can honestly say that until I Googled it, I had no idea what 90% of the lyrics were but the remaining 10% feel very true to me right now. With all the changes going on right now (job, car, wedding) and important decisions that need to me made assertively I am easily confuse with what I actually want vs what I think I should want. I’m not sure if that makes sense. F.U.N says it so much better, I’m still not sure what I stand for.



What do you stand for?


3 thoughts on “I’m Still Not Sure What I Stand For

  1. I LOVE this song, I find myself singing it loudly and often! I know what you mean about sometimes getting caught up in wanting what you think you want– stepping back and really thinking about your motives for wanting things and how you’ll feel when you get it helps!

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