My Plate

Hey everyone! So I survived my first day of school! Everyone at my new school is so nice, helpful and enthusiastic. I love working in such an enthusiastic environment and I couldn’t be more excited. And day 2 was even better. I actually knew where I was going and remembered a few names. I’m split between a 4th and a 5th grade class so it’s double the names to remember.

Over the summer I was in a TERRIBLE routine. I did a lot of sitting, grazed all day, and typically wasn’t too hungry for dinner. I was also up until at least midnight every night. Now that I need to get up at 7, this needs to change ASAP.  So far, Nolan and I are in a great rhythm. I know it’s only day two, but we’re on a roll!

One of my goals of the fall is to follow My Plate when planning meals.

I certainly don’t eat enough vegetables and fruit and I eat way too much dairy, protein and grains. Oh and fat. Lots of fat. My caloric intake needs to look more like this:


On our crazy meat fest last week, we picked up a few lean tenderloins. BOGO!

I rubbed on pork spices and into the oven it went.

On the side, Nolan whipped up a green bean casserole. WHAT? Is it Christmas? Nope we just love green bean casserole. It’s one of Nolan’s favorites. 🙂

Can you tell which half is Nolan’s?


I’m not gunna lie, I had at least 2 more pieces of pork. 🙂 Hey, it happens. I’m just pumped that we ate at the table for the first time in 3 months.


I am back into the routine of packing my lunches the night before. I usually prep while waiting  for dinner to finish cooking.

Ham and avocado sandwich, a plum and some leftover green beans. So many food groups and healthy fats!…and ham. lol

Good eats!  Catch ya later.


Do you have any fall goals?


3 thoughts on “My Plate

  1. I LOVE green bean caserole and funny, I only associate it with holidays (thanksgiving/christmas etc) too.

    One of my Fall goals is to bring lunch everyday –I need to get a lunch container like yours!

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