Chili Con Carne


Well, I made it through my first week of school! It’s been exhausting, and certainly a learning experience, but I did it!

I spy with my little eye…FALL!

Those leaves cannot hide from me! 🙂

So today is going to be a very long and emotional day for me. I’m working and then heading to Avon for Kara and Craig’s wedding rehearsal and dinner. I am so excited for the happy couple. The last year and a half have FLOWN by!

Nolan and I have been busy writing our maid of honor/best man speeches and are so humbled to be a part of this amazing day!

I wanted to share a recipe that Nolan and I have been using for YEARS.  It involves, spice, meat, and fall….Yup! It’s chili!


Those are baselines. To be honest, whenever it’s a crock pot recipe, I add random stuff. I don’t always measure but this is a guesstimate.

YUM! I have so much to do! Wish me luck!




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