Oh how I look forward to Wednesdays. 🙂 Welcome to yet another, What I Ate Wednesday!

Peas and Crayons

Before I dive right into the eats, I wanna remind everyone that my Chobani Giveaway ends tonight at midnight! I will announce a winner tomorrow morning. Good Luck!

Here is how to enter:

  • Leave me a comment including your favorite Chobani recipe.
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Blueberry waffles from Trader Joe’s with  very cherry mix, also from TJ’s.

This weekend one of my errands was to drop off a swatch of our bridesmaids’ dress color to the bakery for the cake designs. We got our cake through The Bean Counter Bakery in Worcester.  The bakery is about a half hr away so while I was there I figured I might as well partake in some delights! It started with coffee….

How pretty?! This my friends is a cup of Milky Way coffee! It’s caramel and mocha coffee goodness. It was a bit sweet for my taste buds but still delicious and very decedent.  I felt fancy. 🙂

…And it ended with dessert! (scroll ahead if you must. 🙂 )

SNACK: – On the go!
Thank god I had this on me or my trip to the bakery would have had very different results.

Popcorn! This is organic popcorn with olive oil from Trader Joe’s. Once again, it’s the same price as regular popcorn so why not buy organic? With only 130 calories is 2 cups, how can you go wrong?!


I must confess, that my loneliness that even on weekends I have been using my work lunch box. It’s really helpful with portion control and ok, it looks cool.

Red peppers, leftover potatoes and green beans, and a vanilla Chobani with a side of very cherry blend to mix in. Just look at all those food groups! Veggies and dairy and fruits, OH MY!


I used to be hooked on these and I totally forgot about them until I saw them on sale this week at the grocery store. Score! With my thyroid issues, I am always looking to add some fiber to my diet.


Nolan and I took a play out of our recipe book for tonight’s menu. Buffalo Chicken Burgers.

Here is the recipe that we used once again. Def a winner!

I topped it with a bit of hot sauce and fat free ranch.


Remember when I said I picked up some goodies at the bakery? Well, cue food porn!

2 delectable cupcakes!! Can you guess who’s is whose?

Nolan’s is the peanut butter cup cupcake on the right….

and mine is of course, the heath bar toffee cupcake on the left. 🙂 (got smooshed in the car)

O.M.G. The Bean Counter is truly amazing! Using my better judgement, I only had half of my cupcake for dessert…..and 2 big bites of Nolan’s. 🙂 He’s such a good sharer.

Oh yes, that’s peanut butter inside!!!

I am not even going to hold back. I wanted to bathe in this cupcakes. If there had been a bit of salt in the mix, I probably would have.


Before I wrap up today’s WIAW post, I want to slightly switch gears and send out an S.O.S to all my food lovers and chefs out there!

I have been debating whether or not to write this post for about 2 weeks now. Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as often and that my posts have mostly consisted of food, and very little life insight. I have been slightly per-occupied

I won’t go into many details, but my dad has been in and out of the hospital a lot lately, and will hopefully be coming home today or tomorrow. He has been undergoing some serious issues related to his type 2 diabetes, and it’s been a very scary time for my family.

Due to a new course of action, he will be on a very strict diet. I am putting out an S.O.S out to all my food friends in hopes that I can begin compiling a collection of diabetic-friendly recipes!

The main priorities are foods low in sugar, white flour, and potassium. High potassium foods he it told to stay away from are chocolate, melons, tomatoes, potatoes, oranges, bananas, juices, and beans.

I learned how to cook from my dad, and the thought of him being depressed about food…well sucks. PLEASE help us help him find fun and flavor in his new diet.  Thanks!


9 thoughts on “WIAW: S.O.S

  1. I have many recipes for you. But, unfortanately they are not online, do you hwve email? I ciould type up a few for you and email them to you?

  2. those cupcakes look delicious. I’m not sure how you controlled yourself in only eating half of yours. I would’ve devoured it w/in minutes!!

    my prayers are you with you & your family hunnie. so glad to hear he’s getting better & hopefully @ home by now ❤

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