Double Date Dinner


I had a pretty exciting Friday night. Nolan and I met up with Kara and Craig for dinner. Yes, the newlyweds are back from their honeymoon! 🙂

(Thank god they didn’t!)

 This was actually the first time we had gone out for a meal in about a month!  Unfortunately they are as indecisive as Nolan and I but after MUCH debate, we ended up going to The Villa. Nolan and I ate here a few months ago and had an amazing meal, so I was definitely eager to go back.


I had a glass of the house Chardonnay to start as we looked over the extensive menu. There are so many fantastic meals at this place, it’s impossible to choose. I was having some serious issues until Nolan decided he was getting the veal/chicken parm combo. Since we would undoubtedly be sharing, I went in the opposite direction.

This is the Pollo Blanco. It’s chicken with sauteed mushrooms and onions in a light white wine sauce over linguini. The Villa’s portions are out.of.control. This bowl was filled to the brim. Even with Nolan’s help we barely made a dent in this plate. OH, and it also came with a side salad and bread.

The chicken was tender, the vegetables were cooked perfectly, and the imported linguini, well you can imagine. As the description said, it was certainly “lightly dressed”, like bikini style. However I would much rather it be under than over dressed.

I wasn’t fast enough with my camera to snap a shot of Nolan’s parm platter before he dug in but it was epic. Personally I cannot really tell the difference between chicken and veal. Fried up and piled under a mess of marinara and melted cheese, everything tastes pretty similar. The pieces I ate were crispy, tender, and very flavorful. Their marinara is a thing of beauty. YUM.

The best part of The Villa is that the food is fancy but the decor is pretty down to earth and simple. No need to get all dressed up which is great because after the meal you immediately unbutton your pants, and that’s just not fancy.

Post food, I pretty much coma-ed and was in bed by 9 to get some much needed sleep.

After 3 weeks in the school with all those gross kids I was starting to feel very run down and lethargic. THEY NEVER COVER THEIR MOUTHS! Every month I get sick and need a recovery weekend to catch up on sleep and I’m good as new.

Unsurprising, I woke up bright and early this morning well rested and ready to start the day! Today is when the rest of the world must admit it’s fall! Yes, shorts, sun, and the beach are officially a thing of the past.

Look at all those pretty leaves!

Ok, time to make coffee and tackle the mess that is my apartment. Have a good one!


Favorite Italian food?

Weekend plans?


4 thoughts on “Double Date Dinner

    • OH NO! Bronchitis stinks! I have asthma so I get it all the time. Don’t yell at me, but I have never had chicken marsala! My family isn’t even a bit Italian so it was rare that we had anything beyond the occasional lasagna. Good luck with the wedding bands! Hope you post pictures. We had fun picking our out. Enjoy the weekend!

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