Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup

Hey all.

Nolan and I have a very simple but exciting day planned. I swear I will fill you in tomorrow. 🙂 For now, this should hold you over.

Here is my new recipe! There is no added fats, oils, or fillers. It’s just water, spices, and vegetables! Stop what you are doing, and GO MAKE THIS SOUP!

Ingredients fresh from the farm! (I only used 3 of the carrots in the end)

Beautiful produce



We were siked to use our new Ninja! Great shower gift. 🙂

So smooth

Since I used purple carrots, the color is a bit darker. This soup is DELICIOUS! It’s velvety smooth, and has layers of flavor. It tastes like fall! yummmmmm.

After making this soup, I was looking over my ingredients and realizing that there was very little added fat or, well crap. So I went looking for a website that could tell me how many calories there are in my creation.

I think I am in love. I came across this website and very easily was able to navigate my way to analyzing my recipe. I ballparked the amount of squash a bit. A typical butternut squash is about 24 oz. The ones I used were pretty small, but for 2 whole squashes I said 50 oz which is probably a bit high. It may be more like 40, but I would rather over estimate my caloric intake than underestimate.

This just might be my new favorite website! It gives you all the nutrition info, AND it grades your ingredients! From the looks of it, this recipe came out with about a B+ or A- nutrition rating. YEY!  I am definitely going to have fun with this counter.

Ok, time to start my very fun day with Nolan. Catch ya later!

(Pic of us from Kara and Craig’s wedding)


Do you ever use a calorie counter for your homemade recipes? Which ones?

What are you eating right now?


6 thoughts on “Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup

  1. I love soups this time of year 🙂 It was so nice and cool today where I live and could have gone for some! I have never used a calorie counter for a recipe. A meal, but not the entire recipe. I think it’s a really cool tool though! 🙂

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