Apple Picking, and Eating


Hey guys. Hope your Monday wasn’t TOO terrible!

Yesterday Nolan and I did one of my favorite fall traditions, went apple picking! Every year I got to Honey Pot Hill Orchard in Stow MA , eat a few treats, and pick more apples than I could eat in a lifetime!

I only like apples in September. I know that sounds crazy, but my taste buds only tolerate apples 2 weeks a year. There is NOTHING better than picking an apple right off the tree and eating it. When I was a kid I used to climb as high as I could and just sit and eat in the tree.

Before we went we made a stop at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.

Nolan’s sausage egg and cheese.

My sesame bagel with a dab of low fat cream cheese.

We both got pumpkin hot coffees with skim milk and no sugar.

I love pumpkin coffee but it’s soooo sweet. Even without sugar it’s a bit too sweet for me this year.

So apparently everyone else in the world had the same idea as we did to go apple picking.

Luckily, the scenery was beautiful

When we finally got into the orchard, we decided to get a large bag for $24. It’s roughly 20 pounds of apples and since we were going to drop a bunch off at my parents house it seemed like the way to go.

We picked a combo of McIntosh, Cortland, and Empire apples. My favorite type has to be a mac. They are sweet and delicious!

Just look at that blue sky! Perfect day for pickin’

20 pounds later, we hit the farm store. The store offers a wide variety of produce, baked goods, and even some unique creations. As always, I picked up a jar of pumpkin butter.

This stuff is seriously delicious! I put it on toast, waffles, oatmeal, and even in a few baked goods. Last year I put it in my banana bread. YUM!

However, the star of the show this year, as always, was the apple cider donuts. I look forward to theses little gems all year long. I got 1/2 dozen for us and 1/2 a dozen for my family because they are also crazy about them!

In each 1/2 dozen bag, there are 3 plain, and 3 covered with cinnamon and sugar.

Sorry I couldn’t help taking a bite before the pic was taken. 🙂

Obviously the cinnamon sugar ones are incredible, but the plain ones are actually my favorite. They are simple and understated and you can really taste the apple. We also guzzled a bottle of apple cider while we were there.

**Weird side note** – I love apple cider but I HATE apple juice. Is that weird?

By the end of the afternoon we were exhausted! ….I say that as if I actually carried the 20 pounds of apples which I certainly did not hehehhe. We made a quick stop to see the animals but the place was SWAMPED with kids so we just looked in passing. My favorites are the three little pigs.

It was a perfect fall day. 🙂 Now I need your help! Bring on the apple recipes, and remember, I am a terrible baker. Thanks!


Have you ever gone apple picking?

Cider vs. juice?



9 thoughts on “Apple Picking, and Eating

  1. I am lovinggg anything apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin 🙂 I keep telling my husband that we need to go apple picking! I worry that I’ll pick and bite into that one rotten apple… Knowing my luck!

  2. Oh yum 🙂 I would love that activity – seriously love apples. We planted a little Cox’s apple tree in our garden this year and were amazed that it’s produced some apples already – they are a bit too sour for eating right off the tree (but should get a better crop next year) so we’ll be cooking with them instead.

    I think cider is something different over here, because ours is always alcoholic 🙂 But last Christmas I did find a good recipe for hot mulled cider which was non-alcoholic, so I will try that again this year.

    I literally just saw this recipe for apple strudel over on Interesting Thymes – it looks like a good one to try?

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  4. i LOVE to go apple picking! we got to do it last year but not this year.
    those doughnuts look amazing…. they had similar doughnuts at the apple orchard we went to. i missssss them!!!

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