Bostonians Don’t Like Failure

Hey there Tuesday, what’s up?!

To be honest, I am still fuming over Sunday’s loss.

Us Bostonian do not take kindly to, well, failure? Don’t get me wrong, our teams have a reputation of turning  tragic lose, disappointment and overall choking into an art form, but at least we had something decent to watch, and unique characters to idolize.

But now? The Sox were an abomination this year, the Bruins are on a lock out, the whole NFL is getting screwed by some pop-Warner refs, and the Celtics? Well basketball has never been a favorite of mine.  UGH!!!!!

Ok, food time…..

I have been a terrible blogger lately.  I have been neglecting my farm share posts in a bad way. Lately, we have been getting great stuff from Bobbin Farm, but I have been forgetting to take pics. Here is a snapshot of this week’s shipment.

This is just a sample of the goods. Tomatoes, carrots, onions, squash, potatoes, peppers, greens, radishes, and eggplant.

We currently have an over abundance of produce and I don’t want to waste it. Anyone have any freezing and preserving tips?


Leftover soup, a freshly picked apple, and some mixed veggies for new measure.


Last night’s dinner was a bit different than our typical menu.

Remember when I said we were pretty low of food? Well we made an emergency stop last night at  Shaw’s to pick up some essentials. You know the list, bread, cheese, milk, deli meat, ravioli…. lol. They were on sale, 2 large bags for $5 so we figured why not? I decided to just go for it and make the whole bag. The leftovers will be perfect for lunches!

These little pillows of heaven have a great bend of spinach and cheese.

I could have eaten them as is right out of the hot, but I decided to be somewhat civilized. In the freezer I came across a bag of frozen spinach from Trader Joe’s that I didn’t know I had.

As high class we we are, I opened a can of Hunts, added a few of my own spices and dinner was served!

A simple and cheap dinner! Not the highest of nutrition, but there are definitely a few food groups in there. 😉

I am actually pretty siked because tomorrow is a Jewish holiday which means I have the day off! I’m doing some babysitting for extra $$ but for the most part, I will have the day to myself to get organized, and put the finishing touches on some wedding details. 11 days! 🙂 Crazy! Just crazy! 

Have a good one!

Challenge: Try to say hello to 4 strangers today.


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