Bride Beast Mode

Ugh. Today has been a long day. It’s Yom Kippur so I had the day off from work but I was still busy busy. With the wedding just 10 days away I have had many loose ends to tie up. I spoke to the photographer, the DJ, the florist, and we finally got our marriage license.

**Let me just say that weddings were NOT designed for indecisive people. I suck at decision making and I’m not all that girly, so deciding what the cake, flowers look like and where the photographer should stand are absolute nightmares in my book.

This morning I was up and out early to take advantage of my day.


I didn’t feel like assembling a breakfast so I went with something quick and easy. Special K Vanilla Almond with skim milk, and a cup of butter toffee coffee, one of my faves!

I babysat for a few hrs ($$$) before meeting Nolan at Town Hall for the marriage license. By the late afternoon, I was starving!

A ham and cheese sandwich with avocado, lettuce, and tomato along side some grapes and LC cheese.

To get rid of some stress, I headed to Cushing again. 3 times in one week! I am finally in Bride Beast Mode. 10 days left and 10 pounds to lose. That’s do-able right? JOKING!

On my way, I noticed some pretty gorgeous signs of fall.

Such a beautiful time of year here in New England.

I was able to get 5 miles in before it started to rain.

Since then, I have just been sitting here in my sweat catching up on some emails and blogs. Thank god Nolan doesn’t have a sense of smell. If he had any idea how smelly I am on any given day, he would have left me years ago!  Time to hit the showers and start dinner. Catch ya later.


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