Monday Montage

It’s October?!?!?! Wow. It was a pretty crappy weekend weather wise here in New England, but o.m.g did I have fun and eat some incredible things!

Nolan’s homemade breakfast sandwich (steak, egg and cheese)

Had the bridesmaids over to sort out some final wedding details and to chat about this coming weekend’s festivities!!!

Took the dog for a walk at Callahan State Park.

Buffalo Chicken Chili. Oh, yea!

Homemade apple pie. (minus the crust)


Decked out and ready to go!

food, food, and more food!

Successful football game in Fenway. 🙂

Ugh, what a fantastic way to spend our final weekend before the wedding. I cannot believe it’s wedding week. 5 more days! 🙂 …Shit, I have a lot to do. Catch ya later!



How did you spend your weekend?

What is your favorite thing you ate this weekend?


What do you think?

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