September Foodie Pen Pal

Hey all. Hope your Monday has been going smoothly. I am siked to finally share this month’s foodie pen pal post with you all today, since September is officially in the past. Crazy huh?


The Lean Green Bean

This is my second month in the foodie pen pal program and I love it! If you are unfamiliar, this program lets you team up with fellow foodies and each month you send your pen pal a package of some of your favorite treats and ingredients. At the end of each month, the participating bloggers post about this month’s goodies! Click here to see last month’s foodie pen pal post.

This month, neither my sender or receiver were bloggers, so I made sure to take plenty of pics of what I sent to my pen pal this month.

This month’s pen pal challenge  hit close to home. The person I was shopping for was diabetic so it took a great deal of time to find appropriate foods. I was reading every label, Googling healthy choices, and with the help of some very nice employees at Trader Joe’s, I was able to put together my package.

Sugar free almonds, Skinny fries, low carb pretzel nuggets, popcorn, and mango black tea.

I was so excited to receive my package this month and even more excited when I opened the box.

Red wine pasta?! I cannot WAIT to try this. It looks incredible.

Look at all these spices! Nolan and I are very excited to incorporate these into out cooking very soon.

Honey sticks. I have already used some of these in my tea and oatmeal. Delicious!

I cannot wait to see what next month’s pen pal will send. 🙂

If you are interested in being a foodie pen pal, head on over to The Lean Green Bean for more info!



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